Mahalia Jackson - Queen of Gospel BIOGRAPHY

Civil Rights
"Children, I've been buked and I've been scorned,      
Tryin' to make this journey all alone      
Children, talk about me sure as you please    
Your talk will never drive me down to my knees"
Mahalia Jackson's struggle with racism had urged her to get involved in the Civil Rights movement at its onset. With the Montgomery bus boycott, the movement had begun to unfold quickly. As early as 1956, Civil Rights leaders called on Jackson to lend both her powerful voice and financial support to the rallies, marches, and demonstrations. Boycott leader Reverend Ralph Abernathy invited Jackson to Montgomery to sing at the first anniversary of Rosa Parks' historic act. Braving hecklers, Klansmen, and widespread violence, Jackson rolled into Montgomery on a train. At the station, Abernathy greeted her with another young preacher named Martin Luther King. Though she was afraid for her safety, King's speeches inspired her, and the two became friends.

Mahalia Jackson
Mahalia Jackson

"We Shall Overcome"